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University elections

University elections are held between 16 and 19 April 2018. As a staff member or student you were able to vote for lists or candidates that represent you in the University Council (UC), the Faculty Councils and the Employee Councils. There will be no election for the LUMC Student Council, because there were as many candidates as there were seats. 


From April 16th 2018 (9.00 AM) you can use your ULCN account to log onto the election application. You can vote until April 19th (4.00 PM) at the latest. You can vote from any computer with internet access.


Leiden University regards co-participation as extremely important: the right to take part in discussions, and thus to have an influence on the decision-making. Co-participation leads to better decisions that have more support.

The elections are based on the electoral regulations. Leiden University has Electoral Regulations for the University Council and Electoral Regulations for Faculty and Staff Councils. These documents are in dutch only. The elections proceed according to a pre-arranged time schedule and use either the candidate system or the list system. There are also elections for student members of these councils.

Cast your vote

By voting, you help to ensure that the voice of the staff is heard clearly within our organisation. The polls are open from 9.00 AM on 16 April 2018 until 4.00 PM on 19 April 2018. You vote online, using your own ULCN username and password. Your privacy is guaranteed: only you know who has received your vote. No-one else has access to that information. If you encounter problems with voting or you need help, please download the Guide to voting.

Report problems

Did you receive an application failure message before, during or after logging on? Or can you not log on with your ULCN details? Then please call tel. 071 - 527 8118 (between 09.00 and 17.00).

Stand as a candidate

To nominate yourself for future elections, you will need the following forms (in Dutch only):

University Council

Candidate nomination UC
Candidate’s declaration UC
List of candidates

Faculty Council

Candidate nomination FC candidate system
Candidate nomination FC list system
Candidate’s declaration FC
List of candidates

Staff Council

Candidate nomination Staff Council