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Faculty Board

The Faculty Board is responsible for the administration of the faculty as a whole and with its management. Its main tasks are to give direction to, coordinate and stimulate the faculty as a whole and the various (research) centres in particular.

Koen Caminada, Sterre Burmeister, Maarja Beerkens and Niels Laurens

Portfolio distribution




  • Faculty strategy
  • Overall administrative coordination
  • Co-participation
  • Social safety and inclusiveness
  • Diversity policy
  • Strategic communication
  • Valorisation
  • Chairs
  • Research & research profiling
  • Internationalisation of research
  • Graduate School, PhD policy
  • Dual PhD Centre
  • Centre for Professional Learning 
  • Scientific integrity & ethics
  • Library: collection development & publication policy
  • Data management
  • Security and chair of Decentralised Incidents Team
  • Housing strategy
  • External relations

Vice-dean/Portfolio holder education



  • Faculty strategy education
  • Regular bachelor's and master's programmes
  • Advanced and executive master's programmes
  • Educational quality assurance
  • Quality resources
  • Educational innovation
  • New programmes
  • Teacher professionalisation/UTQ
  • Honours track
  • Minors policy
  • ICT & Education
  • Internationalisation of education
  • Alumni policy
  • Career preparation and internships
  • LMS (university project)
  • Harmonisation of education (university project)
  • Member of Decentralised Incidents Team

Executive Director



  • Faculty strategy management and internal organisation
  • Faculty office
  • Communication and marketing
  • Financial and economic affairs/financial policy
  • HRM
  • Staff planning and budget
  • Information management
  • Education and research support processes (including OSC)
  • Account holder Shared Service Centres
  • Member of Decentralised Incident Team
  • Sustainability




  • Responsible for the input of student interests
  • Social safety and inclusiveness
  • Intermediary for students and student groups within the faculty
  • Student complaint handling
  • Part of LAssO (Leiden Assessor's Council)
  • Liaison students Campus The Hague
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