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Financial & Economic Affairs

The Financial and Economic Affairs (FEA) department at the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs is responsible for managing the faculty’s financial resources.

The faculty controller and finance, planning & control officers focus particularly on the provision of  information internally  and intermal control. The tasks are allocated as follows:

  • Gert Renkema is the contact for FGGA-wide affairs, and specifically for the Faculty Board and Faculty Office;


The FEA staff members’ tasks are set out below:

Faculty Controller

Gert Renkema, controller, is responsible for the following activities:

  • Managing the finance team;
  • Setting up the budgets for the units and consolidating these individual budgets for the whole faculty;
  • Drawing up quarterly reports and the faculty’s annual financial statement;
  • Providing financial advice to the units, the Faculty Board and the Faculty Office.

Project Controller

Pascal van Leeuwen, project controller, is responsible for the following activities:

  • Drawing up budgets for project proposals;
  • Monitoring the progress of projects and discussing them with project leaders;
  • Monitoring budgets and adjusting budgets in consultation with the budget holders;
  • Ensuring adequate control of AO projects;
  • Providing financial advice for projects;
  • Providing  financial reporting and (final) accountability to the grant provider/client.


Wesley Dijkstra, administrator,  carries out the following activities:

  • Generating sales invoices;
  • Generating journal posts (rectifications and internal bookings);
  • Generating SAP numbers;
  • Structuring  project files;
  • Contacting the credit and debit administration;
  • Managing interim accounts;
  • Sending monthly standard financial reports to the activity and budget holders;
  • Entering changes in SAP budgets;
  • Providing financial information as requested by the units.
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