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WeCo, Permanent Committee for Academic Practice

The Permanent Committee for Academic Practice (WeCo) consists of professors, including the chairman. They are appointed for four years and their fields are evenly spread across the disciplines of the faculty. 

WeCo tasks and responsibilities:

  • Provides advice to Faculty Board on research programmes and policies
  • Advises on new areas of professor positions
  • Advises on promotions to UHD or Professor
  • Advises on proposals for research support through stimulants
  • Provides advice on VIDI/ VICI applications or applications of the NWO Innovational Research Incentives Scheme

Secretary: Monique Leemkuil


Prof.dr. Carlo Beenakker


Leiden Institute of Physics

Prof.dr. Arjen Doelman

Mathematical Institute


Prof.dr.ir. Fons Verbeek

Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science

Prof.dr. Serana Viti

Leiden Observatory

Prof.dr. Ewa Snaar-Jagalska

Institute of Biology Leiden

Prof.dr. Geert-Jan Kroes

Leiden Institute of Chemistry

Prof.dr. Bob van de Water

Leiden Academic Center for Drug Research

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