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University Council

University Council

The University Council is a democratically elected participation body in which students and staff of the University are represented. The Council keeps a watchful eye on the Executive Board, issues solicited or unsolicited advice and has a say in important decisions.

The Council is composed of eight staff and eight student members from all faculties and supporting services. Students elect new representatives every year; staff do this every two years.


The powers of the University Council are specified in the Higher Education and Academic Research Act (WHW) and the Regulations of the University Council.

What typifies co-determination at Leiden University is that the Executive Board considers the opinion of the University Council to be important, regardless of the Council’s formal powers. The aim is always to reach a consensus.

Chair and clerk 

Pieter Krol is the independent chair of the University Council. His duties comprise coordinating the Council’s work and preparing and chairing Council meetings and its meetings with the Executive Board. Ard Weedais the clerk of the University Council.

The chair and clerk are not members of the Council.

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