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Committees and boards

Boards of Admissions

Every master’s programme has a Board of Admissions, which determines whether a student can be admitted to that programme.

Boards of Examiners

Every study programme has a Board of Examiners, which monitors compliance with the Course and Examination Regulations.

Committee on Academic Practice

The Committee on Academic Practice is the standing advisory committee for matters relating to research and professorial chairs.

Committee on Research Funding

The Committee on Research Funding gives advice to writers of research grant applications about their draft applications.

Committee on Teaching

The standing Committee on Teaching advises the Faculty Board – on request or on its own initiative – about all aspects of the Faculty’s education policy.

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Comittee promotes ethical research by providing advice on ethical issues and reviewing all new research conducted by staff in which ethical issues might occur. 

Programme Boards

Programme Boards are responsible for formulating and correctly implementing the curriculum of the study programmes.

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