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Faculty strategic plan

The Faculty Strategic Plan (FSP) 2022 – 2027, We are Humanities, sets out the faculty's ambitions for the coming years. The wealth of international academic knowledge about languages, cultures and societies worldwide, past and present, makes the Faculty of Humanities unique. The FSP describes how we respond to new developments while maintaining our strengths.

Five ambitions for the coming seven years

The Faculty Strategic Plan mentions five ambitions we will be working on in the coming years. All five ambitions are important, but dean Mark Rutgers emphasises: 'it is obvious that especially the ambition to increase well-being for all staff and students is paramount for all of us to feel good, to develop and to flourish. Reducing the pressure of work, more research space, clarity about development opportunities (including for non-academic staff), careful recruitment and the proper introduction programmes for colleagues, to name but a few issues, should help create a good, safe and pleasant working environment for everyone.

Click here to download a digital copy of the Faculty Strategic Plan 2022 – 2027, We are Humanities

FSP 2022 – 2027: Five ambitions with strategic goals for the Faculty of Humanities

Ambition A.  To strengthen our position as a leading international university for research and education in the humanities 

  1. To consolidate our strong disciplinary identity and also strengthen our multi- and interdisciplinary approach 
  2. To collaborate with other partners, both within and outside the University, to maximise the vision and input of the Faculty of Humanities in joint research on global themes 
  3. To create recognition of the Faculty of Humanities within society and to become more successful in the acquisition of funding 
  4. To consolidate and strengthen the links between education and research

Ambition B.  To provide a challenging, sustainable and dynamic learning environment 

  1. To offer a wide and dynamic range of educational tracks
  2. To implement sustainable educational innovation

Ambition C.  To optimally prepare students for a wide range of career options in their future working life

  1. To equip students to envisage and shape their own future as critical citizens and professionals within society
  2. To enhance awareness and skills in the area of Digital Humanities in all study programmes

Ambition D.  To strengthen the culture and operation of our Faculty 

  1. To intensify interinstitutional collaboration, integrated operational management and leadership
  2. To encourage career development

Ambition E.  To improve the wellbeing of all staff members and students 

  1. To intensify interinstitutional collaboration, integrated operational management and leadership
  2. To encourage career development

At the end of October 2020, the Steering Committee, led by Dean Mark Rutgers, started the development of the new Faculty Strategic Plan 2022 - 2027. 

In the process of creating the new FSP, we wanted to consult as many people from our organisation and partners from outside the faculty as possible. 

Do you have any questions about the process? Please send an email to FSP@hum.leidenuniv.nl.

Exploration phase

(October 2020 – March 2021)

Step 1: Collection of data and initial analyses to use as input for the development process.
Step 2: Formulation of a proposal for the mission & vision based on input from various bodies and external partners.

The Steering Committee reviews what data and analyses will be needed as input. The Committee plans the next steps (in terms of time and structure) for drawing up the Strategic Plan. Three working groups have been asked to write a position paper outlining a mission and vision. 

Development phase

(March 2021 - December 2021)

Step 3: Stakeholder analysis
Step 4: SWOT analyses: FGW from the perspective of internal and external stakeholders. 
Step 5: Formulation of strategic goals and decisions 
Step 6: Drafting of the Strategic Plan and feedback to stakeholders. 

The Steering Committee will formulate the strategic goals and decisions based on external and internal developments, analyses and input gathered from the organisation and environment. Working groups and teams that have already started developing a vision on a particular theme are asked to start preparing a text for the plan. We will have already started writing and rewriting at the end of this phase. Strategic goals and decisions will be shared with the work groups and stakeholders; they will also be asked to provide feedback.

Decision-making phase

(January 2022 - June 2022)

Step 7: Drawing up the implementation plan 
Step 8: Decision making 

Writing and rewriting will occur concurrently with the decision-making process. The Faculty Council will give its approval, the Faculty Board will confirm the Plan and finally the Plan will be approved by the Executive Board.

The seven themes of the FSP are:

  1. An environment for renowned research
  2. Stimulating/activating talent
  3. Innovative teaching and learning
  4. Strengthening impact and innovation
  5. Research and education in an international environment
  6. Campus The Hague
  7. People, resources and organisation
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