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Area Development

The Housing and Area Development Department (HGO) has tasks at a strategic policy level and an operational level.

  • Guiding/caring for real estate transactions
  • Parcel allocation in the Leiden Bio Science Park (LBSP) for companies and housing development
  • Management of real estate contracts
  • Management of terrains
  • Parking management and parking control
  • Realization of parking garages
  • Providing input for a good financial overview of the operation and investments in the Leiden Bio Science Park
  • Building of underground and above-ground infrastructure such as cables and pipes, roads, pedestrian and bicycle paths
  • Creation of parks, squares, and recreational areas
  • Organizing and realizing a lively campus with a mix of functions such as living, working, dining, retail, etc.
  • Achieving more density in the area towards an 'innovation district'
  • Contract management and contract handling
  • Maintaining websites and other communication about the LBSP
  • Keeping and steering various balances such as the water balance, tree balance, and parking balance
  • Developing and initiating projects in the field of biodiversity, climate adaptation, and circularity.
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