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Strategy & Facilities


Architecture ensures coherence between business strategy and the provision of information, and shows clearly and logically the relationship with ICT.
Security/privacy aims to guarantee the continuity of both information and the way information is provided, while at the same time keeping any possible consequences of security incidents to a level that has been determined in advance as acceptable.   
Contract management ensures that agreements with ICT contract partners are clear, transparent and easy to monitor. Contract management works together with purchasing, 
contract owners and contract administrators, and with the Leiden University Procurement Service (Universitaire Inkoop Leiden, UIL).


The buying of ICT products for the University is done by the purchasing department. It does this by placing orders with contracted suppliers, most of whom have been selected by the University on the basis of tenders. Items ordered are delivered to the warehouse, which takes care of the registration and distribution of these items.


 Department Head    Marga Overdevest
 +31 71 527 7023
 Postal address  PO Box 9512
 2300 RA Leiden
 Visiting address  Snellius Building 
 Niels Bohrweg 1
 2333 CA Leiden
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