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Administrative Secretarial Office for Boards of Examiners

The administrative secretaries support the Faculty’s 24 Boards of Examiners in the secretarial, procedural and legal domains. The administrative secretary of a Board of Examiners is responsible for preparing, reporting and implementing the decisions, monitors the annual plan and keeps the Board of Examiners’ archive up-to-date. The administrative secretary creates the conditions for rigorous quality assurance of the assessment conducted by the Board of Examiners, by taking care of the organisational and secretarial aspects of the Board’s work, for instance. The administrative secretary also checks decisions and proposals for decisions against rules and regulations, contributes to the development of uniform procedures, and represents the Board of Examiners in various meetings and appeal procedures. The activities of Boards of Examiners and the Administrative Secretarial Office are organised in such a way that all the administrative secretaries can carry out each other's work at any time, thus ensuring continuity.


An updated list of staff can be found on the Dutch version of this page.

Medewerkers Ambtelijk secretariaat examencommissie
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