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Internationalisation and Community

There are many Liberal Arts & Sciences colleges in the world, but we posit that LUC is unique, both in terms of our globally conscious focus and also due to our increasingly diverse community. We contend that part of what makes LUC exceptional and distinctive is its global profile and we take pride in the fact that we are an international college. At LUC, you will live together with students and study with instructors and staff from all over the world and you will become part of a rich cultural exchange between all members of our community. You will experience the ways in which others conduct their lives and studies. You will learn together with them and with an equally international faculty, who each bring their own special expertise and perspectives to our academic environment and community.

LUC’s goal is not only to provide an enjoyable and stimulating learning environment. We also strive to facilitate intercultural experiences, which are essential in the formation of global citizens. Engaging with the global challenges that are central to our program on both an intellectual and a practical level is a core characteristic of global citizenship, which refers to the idea that all people have rights and civic responsibilities that come with being a member of the world, of global humanity. This global citizenship reflects the fundamental interconnectedness of all humans and societies through the fact that they inhabit the same planet, and reside under highly globalized social, economic, and political systems. To be a global citizen means to have a good understanding of this global interconnectedness, to have the ability to think critically, reflect on one’s own values, and adopt different perspectives on complex issues, and to fundamentally address one’s own responsibilities in the world, and putting these into practice.

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