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Unions in the Local Consultative Body

Four unions represent Leiden University employees in the Local Consultative Body. The union delegation has at least six and no more than eight members who are appointed by their own unions:

Unions Internal members External members

Marc Fluttert

Emke Clifford Kocq van Breugel

J. Klerks
CNV Overheid Ian Hornes W. Pijnacker
FNV Overheid Joop de Kort
Margriet Suijten
J. Boersma
VAWO Nicole van Os 
A. Charifi


Katrien van Dijk is the secretary of the Local Consultative Body.

Overview of unions

There are several benefits to joining a union:

  • legal help from a lawyer in the event of a legal conflict
  • an advantageous package of insurance policies
  • help with your tax return
  • training for members who are active in staff and student participation.

Below is a summary of the four university unions.



Benefits of joining AC-HOP:

  • The union with the lowest membership fee.
  • Strong in representing individual interests. We help you in a conflict situation, and if the situation becomes too complex, we can involve legal specialists.
  • Small union with short lines of communication. AC-HOP arose in universities.
  • No political or religious affiliations. AC-HOP respects all personal opinions and convictions.
  • Experience of specific problems relating to universities. AC-HOP is there to represent your interests in this specific sector.
  • AC-HOP is involved in implementing the CAO and university regulations.

Register to join on the AC-HOP website. For more information, contact Marc Fluttert.

CNV Overheid

CNV Overheid

CNV derives its inspiration from Christian-socialist principles and believes that all of us have the goal of ‘reaching our destination’.

The CNV strives for a society in which opportunities are as equal as possible and sustainability is a central concern. CNV is already focusing on job market in 2030-2040, while negotiating good terms of employment to make your work pleasurable.

Register to join on the CNV Overheid website. For more information, contact Ian Hornes.

FNV Overheid

FNV Overheid

FNV is dedicated to working conditions, pensions, co-determination and career policy.

FNV is an important partner in negotiating your terms of employment and takes the opinions of its members very seriously. It is also familiar with the University and plays an important role in representing not only individual but primarily collective interests. FNV also gives shape to solidarity, for instance by devoting extra attention to people are further removed from the job market and funding educational projects in developing countries.

Register to join on the FNV Overheid website. For more information contact Joop de Kort and Margriet Suijten.



VAWO (a member of CMHF) is the union for the staff of universities, research institutions and university medical centres. At Leiden University it is dedicated to achieving a fundamental improvement in staff and career policy.

Current University policy is at the expense of academic quality and is therefore unacceptable. The number of employees with temporary contracts continues to increase. This means that growing numbers of employers are likely to be dismissed when they become eligible for a permanent contract.

VAWO campaigns for more academics and supporting staff with permanent contracts. The quality of the employee must be the starting point for a permanent contract rather than the availability of a post.

VAWO dues are related to your gross monthly salary. If you have a temporary contract you may qualify for a 25% discount.

Register to join on the VAWO website. For more information contact Nicole van Os.

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