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Parties elections 2021

Below you will find information about the parties participating in the 2021 elections for the staff section of the Faculty Council of the Faculty of  Science.


  • Anthony Brown (Sterrewacht)
  • Martina Huber (LION)


  • Michelle Spierings (IBL)

The institutes LACDR (Leiden Academic Center for Drug Research) and LIC (Leiden Institute of Chemical Research) form a combined list for the faculty council elections. Although we are two separate institutes within the Faculty of Science, we work together where possible, because we believe that we both benefit from this.
Naturally, there is cooperation in scientific research and therefore also in drawing up sector plans and other cross-institutional initiatives. In the field of education, we provide some lectures together. We co-organise practicals and we regularly trade research internships back and forth. In addition, we are working together on the new construction phase 2 of the Gorlaeus laboratories and we save money by sharing facilities and equipment (eg NMR and Cell Observatory). The candidates on the LACDR / LIC list therefore represent the interests of LACDR and LIC!

The candidates for the LACDR / LIC list are:

  1. Sylvestre Bonnet (Professor at LIC)
    Fights for the intertwining of education and research, with an eye for our digital infrastructure.
  2. Linda Holtman (LACDR lecturer)
    Is committed to quality and innovation in (hybrid) education: strengthening the connection with students, maintaining the focus on research in education and reducing the administrative burden on teachers.
  3. Coen van Hasselt (Associate Professor at LACDR)
    Wants to focus on the themes of educational quality, a pleasant and inclusive faculty for students, PhD students and postdocs, and sustainability.
  4. Jeannette de Wolf (project manager at LIC)
    The non-academic staff is also an important link within the faculty.
  5. Sander van Kasteren (Associate Professor at LIC)
    Wants to make a case for reducing the regulatory burden on students and researchers to ensure that the focus can be shifted back to good research and good education.
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