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Complaints Committee for Unacceptable Behaviour

Leiden University wants to provide a pleasant and stimulating environment for its students and staff. Team spirit, respect and consideration of others are considered normal forms of conduct. The Executive Board has established the Complaints Committee for Unacceptable Behaviour to ensure an appropriate response to any unacceptable behaviour.

Duties of the Complaints Committee

It is the duty of the Committee to:

  • investigate complaints concerning the behaviour of people who work or study at the University, regardless of whether this behaviour was exhibited during work or study or in another context.
  • investigate incidents relating to unacceptable behaviour that have come to the attention of the Executive Board in another manner.
  • advise the Executive Board on the legitimacy of complaints or incidents and to take any preventative measures.
  • register the number and nature of complaints received or incidents investigated and send an anonymised report of this to the Executive Board.


Chairman prof.mr. T.J. Mellema-Kranenburg
Deputy Chairmen prof.dr.mr. J.M. ten Voorde
mw. mr. M.K. van Dijk

dr. R.D. Plak
dr. J. Rana

Alternate members

mw. drs. E. Gerstel


The members of the Committee, the secretary and the secretariat are bound to keep information about the complaint confidential.

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