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Examination Appeals Board

The Examination Appeals Board (College van Beroep voor de Examens, CBE) is an independent board of appeal, established under the terms of the Higher Education and Research Act (Wet op het Hoger Onderwijs en Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek, WHW). Students can lodge appeals at the CBE if they disagree with a decision by the department about:

  • negative binding study advise (BSA)
  • refusal of admission to a study programme, tests or exams
  • a decision made by examiners or a Board of Examiners (exemptions, assessments, plagiarism or fraud)

The letter of appeal must be send within six weeks of the date of issue of the decision in question. In the event of immediate urgency, the chairman of the Examination Appeals Board may also take a provisional measure at the request of the student submitting the notice of appeal.


The Examination Appeals Board consists of members of every faculty and of student members. The composition of the board changes every session.


Mr. O. van Loon

Mr. M.G.A. Berk
Mr. F.M.J. den Houdijker


Dr. A.M. Rademaker

Mr. J.H.M. Huijts
Dr. J.J. Hylkema

P.C. Kemeling LLB
R.A. Brouwer LLB

J.D. Kuster BSc

J.J. Christiaans BA

Dr. B. Siegerink
Dr. A.M.C. van Dissel
T.E.V. Claessen
J. Skidmore

Mr. J.J. But
Dr. G.L. Dusseldorp

O. Alagöz
S.H Bartels BSc LLB
S. Waberi
B.R.W. van Velthoven MA

D. Hooimeijer

Composition of the Board for the coming sessions


Session 31 July 2024


Mr. O. van Loon


Dr. A.M. Rademaker

R. Khalil MSc

Student members

T.E.V. Claessen

J. Skidmore


Sessions Examination Appeals Board in 2024

14 August
19 September
9 October
6 November
21 November
18 December

Postal address

Leiden University
Examination Appeals Board
P.O. Box 9500
2300 RA Leiden



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