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Faculty Council FSW

The Faculty Council offers the Faculty Board solicited and unsolicited advice on all matters on Faculty level relating to teaching, research, and organisation. Half of the members is chosen by and from the faculty & staff. The other half is chosen by and from the student body. 

Marian Hickendorff Education and Child Studies
Tim Mickler Political Science
Suzanne Mol Education and Child Studies
Gert-Jan Lelieveld Psychology
Monique Tromp SSC
Evelien Wolthuis Psychology
Kiki Zanolie Psychology
Carine ten Doesschate ONS
Dagmar Doorn CSL
Valentin Jules Aristide Fenk DSP
Lotte Honselaar LVS
Rose Kattenberg LSP
Nihal Miaaz LVS
Amos Waasdorp LVS


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