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Code of Conduct for Students of the Faculty of Humanities

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Code of Conduct

The motto of Leiden University Praesidium Libertatis (“Bastion of Freedom”) means that we are committed to fostering an inclusive and safe learning and working environment that is conducive to academic inquiry and the free exchange of ideas. To create such an environment, the Faculty of Humanities expects students to assume responsibility for all conduct they engage in as part of their studies, irrespective of whether said conduct takes place on campus or online.

This Code of Conduct describes a minimum standard of expected behaviour, and individual programmes may include additional expectations regarding student behaviour and consequences for failing to meet such expectations. It is the teacher’s responsibility to inform students of these expectations at the beginning of the semester, and the students' responsibility to adapt their behaviour to these expectations. The standards of behaviour described in this code of conduct are similar to the standards which apply to staff members in their interaction with students.

All students and staff members of the Faculty of Humanities are expected to be familiar with and understand this code of conduct, to observe the core values on which it is based and, when necessary, prompt others to do the same.

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