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The student charter informs Leiden University student of what they can expect from the university and what the university expects from them. The charter is, in fact, a compilation of the rights and obligations of students. It also provides a summary of the facilities available to students. Most importantly, it contains an overview of the legal protection available to students.

Structure of the charter

The charter consists of two parts. The institutional section, which is applicable to all students and can be found on this page; and the study programme section, which is intended for students on specific study programmes and can be found in the prospectus.


The student charter only applies to students of Leiden University who are registered on government-funded study programmes. However some sections also apply to external students.

Relationship with the WHW and university regulations

This charter is a student charter, as referred to in article 7.59 of the WHW (Wet op het hoger onderwijs en wetenschappelijk onderzoek/ Law on higher education and scientific research). It is a university obligation. Many of the right and obligations described within are laid down in laws and regulations. An overview of all the relevant laws and regulations can be found in chapter one. All university regulations can also be accessed at the Student Support Services department at Plexus. Compliance with these regulations can be enforced via an appeal or complaint process.

Ratification and publication

The student charter is ratified annually by the Executive Board, following approval by the University Council. Thereafter the charter is published by the Executive Board, which is also responsible for announcing any changes. Students are expected to keep up to date with infromation conerning the university via the Mare university newspaper and uMail.

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