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Faculty Council FSW

The Faculty Council offers the Faculty Board solicited and unsolicited advice on all matters on Faculty level relating to teaching, research, and organisation.  



Half of the members is chosen by and from the faculty & staff. The other half is chosen by and from the student body. 

Faculty & staff members 2018-19

Student members 2018-19

  • DaniĆ«lle Bos (LVS)
  • Oumaima El Ghoulbzouri (LVS)
  • Matthijs Herweijer (ONS Leiden)
  • Annelieke van Muiswinkel (CSL)
  • Maartje Pel (CSL)
  • Erik van Veen (CSL)
  • Huib van Vugt (ONS Leiden)

Year reports (in Dutch)

Check out the Dutch Faculty Council webpage.

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