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Master Thesis Lab

What is the Master Thesis Lab

The Master Thesis Lab is a facility that provides additional support for students who are writing their Master's thesis: 

  • It is available to all Master students of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences of Leiden University.
  • The lab offers various facilities, like 22 work spaces, a Thesis Lab Assitant (SAM), books, a website, and several advisors (statistical advisors, advisors for qualitative research, and library advisors).
  • Before you can use the Master Thesis Lab you have to register.

Work spaces

There are 22 computers, each with all the necessary software (Word, Excel, SPSS etc) and a connection to the internet. In addition, there are 2 scanners and a printer/copier just around the corner. The work spaces have adjustable seats and tables and are especially designed for working comfortably for extended periods of time. It is not possible to book a computer in advance.


Master Thesis Lab Assistant

The Master Thesis Lab Assistant (also known as Scriptie-atelier medewerker, or SAM in
Dutch) can give you advice on various topics concerning your thesis. The SAM can refer you to a statistical advisor, or point you to a book or website where you can find the answer to your question. However, keep in mind that you yourself - together with your thesis supervisor - have the final responsibility for the thesis. Always discuss important decisions and changes with your supervisor. Also, note that the SAM will not read your thesis through or advise you on questions regarding the content. You can ask the SAM for advice or support at any time.


Statistics clinic

There is a special clinic for students who have questions about statistical issues. You can put all kind of questions about statistics and research methods. You can also put your question to a SAM; most SAMs (Thesis Lab Assistants) have some knowledge of statistics and may be able to help you. Because there are many students who have questions about statistics, we ask you to make an appointment by email. We do not answer statistical questions by mail.



On our shelves there are books about statistics, manuals (APA guide), dictionaries, and
various how-to books about doing research and writing a thesis. The books in the Master
Thesis Lab are for 'in-house' use only and can not be borrowed. Whenever you want to use a book, please write the title and your name on the form. 

At the end of the day all books must be back on the shelves!

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