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Policy, Advice and Strategy

The Policy, Advice and Strategy department assists the Faculty Board in developing and implementing its policies and procedures. The department is staffed by employees who deal with a variety of specific policy issues, as well as project managers, and administrative support personnel. The Board Secretary heads the department.

The Department is tasked with the overall management of the Faculty’s policies and procedures. Its staff provides the administrative support for a variety of Faculty-wide advisory committees and other regularly occurring meetings and consultations.  The Department also coordinates the development and implementation of the Faculty’s policies on teaching, research, impact, PhDs, and diversity. BAS employees have developed and maintain an overview of all the documents approved by the Faculty Board (for instance on policies, regulations, and procedures). This overview is accessible to all of the Faculty’s staff and can be found in the Faculty Board's Matrix.

The Educational Advice and Quality Assurance team is a group within the BAS Department that works on the development and implementation of the Faculty’s educational policy. The team is managed by a team leader.

Database of Committees and Boards

The Policy and Management Support Department coordinates the appointment of student and staff members to a number of administrative committees and boards, such as various Programme Boards, Departmental Teaching Committees, and Boards of Examiners. An overview of these can be found in the Database of Committees and Boards

Step-by-step plan was developed to give a clear overview and explanation of the steps to be taken when appointing and dismissing staff members from administrative committees and boards.

All correspondence about appointments and dismissal of members of administrative committees and boards should be addressed to bestuursondersteuning@hum.leidenuniv.nl.

Support of management committees

The Policy and Management Support Department is responsible for the administrative support of the following Faculty-wide advisory committees and other meetings and consultations that occur regularly:

  • Faculty Board
  • Faculty Council
  • Faculty polling stations
  • Meetings between the Faculty Board and Academic Directors
  • Meetings between the Faculty Board and Institute Managers
  • Meetings between the Faculty Board and the Directors of Education
  • Meetings between the Faculty Board and representatives of the PhD Council’s
  • Library committee
  • The standing committee on Academic and Scholarly Practice
  • The standing Committee on Teaching
  • Committee on Second Source of Funding
  • Isaac Alfred Ailion Foundation (IAAF)
  • Societal Relevance Advisory Committee
  • Faculty Ethics Committee
  • Leiden Global Management Boards


An updated list of staff can be found on the Dutch version of this page.

Medewerkers Beleid, Advies en Strategie
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