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Elections 2021

University Elections

Faculty Council Governance and Global Affairs

The elections will take place on 17 until 21 May.

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What is the Faculty Council?

After the University Council, the Faculty Council is the second highest staff and student body at the University. It acts as an intermediary between the various departments of a faculty. The Faculty Council has the right to approve and advise on various matters concerning the faculty. It also represents students and staff and is a sounding board for the Faculty Board. Faculty councils are composed of student and staff members. Staff members are elected for a term of two years, and students for one year.

How do you vote online?

The elections take place completely online. To vote, you will use your ULCN account. From 17 May 2020 (9.00 hrs), you can log in with this account on the elections platform. You can submit your vote until 21 May (16.00 hrs) at the latest. Voting is possible from any device with internet connection.

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You can find more information about the elections here
Contact: stembureau@fgga.leidenuniv.nl

Who can I vote for? (Staff members)

Hello, my name is Annemarie Bouwman and for the past two and a half years I have been working - with great pleasure - at the OSC (Education Service Centre) of our faculty, as a staff member for education and student affairs. I have put myself forward as a candidate for the Faculty Council, because I think it is important that in addition to students and lecturers, someone from the support staff is also represented. I would like to think about quality assurance of education, and that of the supporting and administrative processes. In addition, I think it would be good to look at what the past "online" period has brought us, and what lessons and improvements we can take into the future.

My name is Tim Wuisman, I studied the master’s Crisis and Security Management and am now a tutor with the bachelor Security Studies. Covid-19 has brought unprecedented change to the ways we operate as an educational institute, which has called for more transparent communication between the council, colleagues, and students. The triangle of council, colleagues, and students, I believe, will allow the council to answer more effectively to the needs of students and employees alike, but also to identify new problems and new opportunities.

Since 2017 I, Elena Bondarouk, work as an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Public Administration. Since joining the Council last year, the topic of Diversity & Inclusion has been high on my agenda. For this term, I would like to focus on the reassessment of how we use student evaluations due to the inherent biases in them, and  ensuring that Faculty policy documents are accessible to non-Dutch speaking colleagues. Above all, I would like to represent the interests of us as researchers and as teachers, making sure that the Faculty is a place where the ambition of the national Rewards & Recognition movement becomes a reality.

My name is Pauline and I work as an education policy officer at the Institute of Security and Global Affairs. In addition, I have been an enthusiastic member of the Faculty Council for the past two years. I was mainly involved in the professionalisation of employee participation within FGGA. In addition, I have devoted myself to the following

* A fair distribution of the quality resources
* More attention for the shortage of facilities in The Hague
* Only record and publish lectures if the lecturer agrees with it
* making summaries of administrative documents available in English, so that our international supporters are kept informed of what is going on in the faculty.

With your support, I would like to dedicate myself to this in the next two years!

I am Praneet Khandal, 26 and graduate of MSc International Relations and Diplomacy. I stand to represent the interests of my fellow international staff members. I hope to be able to achieve an inclusive channel of communication between ISGA and FGGA through which, all staff and students, Dutch or otherwise, are able to engage with the Faculty Council.

Yeet for Praneet!

Who can I vote for? (Students)

Hi! My name is Luc, I am 21 years old and I’m a second-year student ‘public administration’.

As a candidate faculty member there are a few things I’d like to accomplish.

In the frame of transparency, students should be informed about the activities of the faculty council in a more open and an efficient manner (think of a blog). I’m also pushing for more study- and meeting places, possibilities for internships with ECTS, and for more community building in the Hague, so current and future first year students will get to know the faculty and their fellow students much better.

Everything can be improved. Vote!

Hi all, my name is Loes Velthuis, I am 21 years old and a second year Public Administration student. I am in favor of a fairer enrollment of study groups and better information about which minor we, as second year students, can choose.

If I am elected to the council, I will ensure that there is more understanding for students who do not have the time to sign up for study groups at 00:00 at night. In addition, I will make sure that there will be better, clearer and more organized information about minors, so that every student can make an informed minor choice.

My name is Max Garcia Hoogland, I am 23 years old and I am studying International and European Governance (MSc).

"The past academic year has been tough for everyone. The distance between students, the university and the job market has never been bigger. It is therefore time to address this right now. I want to work towards a better connection between our study programs and the labor market. Better information for internship opportunities and a larger offer of internships for our students is of great importance in this. Internship markets in which the interaction between the student and the labor market is central should receive more attention. In addition, a personal learning path must be realized, where the student gets better opportunities to develop and discover personal skills and competencies.

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