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Elections 2021

University Elections

Faculty Council Governance and Global Affairs

The elections will take place on 17 until 21 May.

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What is the Faculty Council?

After the University Council, the Faculty Council is the second highest staff and student body at the University. It acts as an intermediary between the various departments of a faculty. The Faculty Council has the right to approve and advise on various matters concerning the faculty. It also represents students and staff and is a sounding board for the Faculty Board. Faculty councils are composed of student and staff members. Staff members are elected for a term of two years, and students for one year.

How do you vote online?

The elections take place completely online. To vote, you will use your ULCN account. From 17 May 2020 (9.00 hrs), you can log in with this account on the elections platform. You can submit your vote until 21 May (16.00 hrs) at the latest. Voting is possible from any device with internet connection.

Vote here!

You can find more information about the elections here
Contact: stembureau@fgga.leidenuniv.nl

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