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Statistical Science for the Life and Behavioural Sciences (MSc)

Contacts for the master's programme Statistical Science for the Life and Behavioural Sciences.

General contacts  
Director of education Prof.dr. Saskia le Cessie
Study Adviser first-year students


Study Adviser other students  Dr. Sanne Willems, MSc


Board of Examinars
Prof.dr. H. Putter (voorzitter)
Dr. G. Gort (extern lid)
Dr. F.M.T.A. Busing
Dr. F.J. Rodenburg
Prof. dr. N. Hens (extern lid)

Ambtelijk secretaris: M.H.G. Krens
E-mail: boardofexaminers@stat.leidenuniv.nl

Education Committee
Dr. W.D. Weeda (chair)
Dr. T.W. Nagler
 Dr. E.W. van Zwet 
Dr. B. Engel (extern lid)
Kevin de Groot
Kelly Guo
Bas Kellerhuis
Ruduan Plug

Ambtelijk secretaris: M.H.G. Krens
E-mail: PC@stat.leidenuniv.nl

Board of Admissions
Dr. B van Calster
Prof. dr. H.C. Boshuizen
Dr. S.J.W. Willems, chairman
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