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Programme Directors

At the head of each programme is a Programme Director, usually a professor who is involved in education and reports to the Vice Dean and the member of the Faculty Board with the education portfolio. There is a consultative body of Programme Directors. The Vice Dean is the chairman. The Programme Directors consult once every six weeks with the Faculty Board on educational matters within the faculty.

Roles and responsibilities of the Programme Directors:

  • Responsible for organisation and integration of education
  • Responsible for the quality of education
  • Makes a quality plan of education
  • Provides advice to the Faculty Board on the content and structure of the programme
  • Makes the curriculum
  • Helps ensure the educational quality of teaching and teachers
  • Maintains external relationships on behalf of the programme
  • Advises the Faculty Board in estimating resources serving education


Programme Directors
Prof.dr. Miranda van Eck
Programme Director BSc & MSc Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Remco Offringa
Programme Director BSc Biology
Dr. Arthur Ram
Programme Director MSc Biology
Prof.dr. Lies Bouwman
Programme Director MSc Chemistry
Dr. René Kleijn
Programme Director MSc Industrial Ecology
Dr. Marcello Bonsangue
Programme Director BSc & MSc Computer Science, MSc ICT in Business, MSc Media Technology
Prof.dr. Mathieu Noteborn
Programme Director BSc & MSc Life Science and Technology
Dr. Peter Hamersma
Programme Director BSc Molecular Science and Technology
Prof.dr. Martin van Exter
Programme Director BSc & MSc Physics
Prof.dr. Paul van der Werf
Programme Director BSc & MSc Astronomy
Prof.dr. Bart de Smit
Programme Director BSc & MSc Mathematics
Prof.dr. Jacqueline Meulman
Programme Director MSc Statistical Science