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Elections 2020

University Elections

Faculty Council Governance and Global Affairs

The elections will take place on 25 until 29 May.

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What is the Faculty Council?

After the University Council, the Faculty Council is the second highest staff and student body at the University. It acts as an intermediary between the various departments of a faculty. The Faculty Council has the right to approve and advise on various matters concerning the faculty. It also represents students and staff and is a sounding board for the Faculty Board. Faculty councils are composed of student and staff members. Staff members are elected for a term of two years, and students for one year.

How do you vote online?

The elections take place completely online. To vote, you will use your ULCN account. From 25 May 2020 (9.00 hrs), you can log in with this account on the elections platform. You can submit your vote until 29 May (16.00 hrs) at the latest. Voting is possible from any device with internet connection.

Student-candidates present themselves

Safiya van den Berg

21 years old, MSc Crisis and Security Management

Our faculty continues to grow. This is a great development, but puts pressure on the quality of education and the atmosphere at the faculty. Every student is an enrichment for the university and deserves the best. It is therefore important to guarantee the quality of education and create a place where both Dutch and International students feel at home and can develop themselves. As a member of the Faculty Council I will do my best to ensure this will be the case.

Daniël Busker

My name is Daniel and this year I'll be running for ONS for the faculty council of FGGA. I am in my second year of Public Administration and I am 20 years old. My aim for when I'm in the council is to ensure that the university allows for the development of its students and the development of course schedules that allow this and to make the study places at Wijnhaven when this ordeal is over te be less crowded. If you believe in this, vote ONS and allow us to make these changes!

Rassoul Coelen

Coming year, I would like to be strongly committed on the faculty council with Eva, Justin and Job on behalf of LVS. I see enough points for improvement, e.g. the number of study places in The Hague should grow, as the number of students increases every year. I also want to make efforts to improve the procedure for recording lectures, as this option is currently underused. The corona situation has made it clear that much more is possible regarding digital education. I need your support to achieve this, so vote if you want to improve the faculty on these points!

Valentijn Egbers

Dear fellow faculty members, 

I'm Valentijn Egbers, a University College second year student. I'm running for the Faculty Council on behalf of the Liberal Students Party. 

Student involvement and transparency are especially important during these troubling times.  How is the university planning to ensure that we, despite everything, will still be able to make the most of our studies? That is the question I would like to see answered. I stand for a university where individual freedom and the progress of the student are the top priority, not its regulations or bureaucracy. 

For more information, go here or @ValentijnEgbers on Instagram.  

Vote for Valentijn in the Faculty Council to make every day Valentine's Day! 

Oberon Janszen

Hello! I am Oberon Janszen, and I am twenty-one years old. I study Public Administration here at the FGGA and wish to represent the students’ interests at our faculty council on behalf of my party ONS. We seek to assist the student who is active beyond his studies, may that be sports, a second study or honours college. We are all active students. The university should facilitate your ambitions, for example by realising more closed study locations, and offering a range of (language) courses that are open to all the students at the locations in the Hague. I hope you agree!

Job Kemperman

I am Job Kemperman, a second-year student from LUC, and a current member of the Faculty Council. This year, we have been committed to better student facilities; improving the sustainability of the Faculty; a more inclusive university; and a better representation of the interests of The Hague in the university as a whole. This is the path that LVS (Lijst Vooruitstevende Studenten) wants to continue within the Faculty, and I will hopefully do this within the University Council. Vote for Rassoul Coelen, Eva Haverkort, Justin Spruit or me to make sure you get a say in your daily study life!

Jens Opdam

My name is Jens Opdam, 21-years old and I am now in my 2nd year of the study Security Studies. My aim is to ensure that the student remains top-priority in these troubling times and never draws the shortest straw. Meaning an online university offering more than only lectures and workgroups, more resources allocated towards community building and after the Covid-19 pandemic a less crowded Wijnhaven. Do you agree? Then vote for ONS and vote for the active student!

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Tarik Smaaili

My name is Tarik Smaaili (18) first-year Public Administration student and I will be participating in the elections for Faculty Council member of the FGGA as a member of the Liberal Studentsparty. If I get elected I will make an effort to create the needed space for students to develop their talents, knowledge and unique abilities.

I am for instance a huge advocate of the abolishment of the required BSA for first-years who have a noteworthy additional function, be it entrepreneur, board member or politician. I also would like the implementation of one universal student platform instead of the numerous amount we have now.

Justin Spruit

Hello everybody! My name is Justin Spruit, and I am a Public Administration student - both EBM and BBO - and I am nearing the end of my second year. In the Faculty Council I plan to focus on making sure that students are able to study properly once more by making better use of the study spaces and implementing a more strict door policy.
When I got elected for the OLC I ran on the slogan: 'I don't have a girlfriend, so I've got more than enough time'. Things have not changed much since then so, to me, this seems to be a valid argument for why I am an ideal date, uh, candidate for the Faculty Council. And please vote for Rassoul, Eva and Job too!

Diederik Thompson

I love my time here at Leiden University; that's why I've been enrolled here since 2014. Vote me for the faculty council, and I will put all my experience to work to make sure that you will love your time here as much as I do with improved facilities for international students, digital education, and mental wellbeing.

My name is Sander Verkoelen (21) and, on behalf of the Liberal Student Party, I am running as candidate for the Faculty Coucil of FGGA. Our party prioritises students' opportunity of self-development.

Personally, I find it important that those who have an opinion get heard. This is why I startred a WhatsApp group where you can freely suggest points of improvement about the faculty. When you feel you also have points to add, conatct me via s.verkoelen@umail.leidenuniv.nl, and more importantly: vote for me from 25 May onwards!

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Cathalijne de Vijlder

Let's put student wellbeing first! 

My name is Cathalijne and I'm currently doing the Master Public Administration. At the moment, there's a lot of insecurity about what to expect in the upcoming academic years. Which is why I believe it's important that student wellbeing should not only be a priority for study advisors but also for teachers. My aim for the upcoming year is to prioritise student wellbeing especially taking into account the changing study circumstances. I also would like to improve the online education and I believe it's important for students to be allowed to give more input on the various forms of education that are being taught right now. I hope to be able to count on your support so I can make this happen next year!

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You can find more information about the elections here
Contact: stembureau@fgga.leidenuniv.nl

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