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Confidential counsellor for academic integrity

The confidential counsellor is your first point of contact if you are concerned that there has been a breach of the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Academic Practice. This may include concerns about:

  • Falsification and deliberately misleading interpretation of research results,
  • Deliberately misleading use of (statistical) methods,
  • Plagiarism of publications,
  • Omitting or failing to recognise co-authors, or the unjustifiable addition of someone as (co-)author,
  • Not amending errors following justified criticism, and covering up colleagues’ misconduct

What does the confidential counsellor for academic integrity do?

  • You can discuss your questions and complaints about academic integrity.
  • The confidential counsellor assists with mediation efforts or other attempts to resolve the complaint amicably.
  • The confidential counsellor advises and offers guidance about submitting a complaint to the committee.

The confidential counsellor has a duty of confidentiality and is not part of the Academic Integrity Committee. In addition, you always have the option to submit a complaint directly to the Academic Integrity Committee.

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