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Secretariats of Administration and Central Services

Each of the four departments of Administration and Central Services has its own secretariat or secretary.

General Management and Legal Affairs



Carolien Metselaar

Karen Vollebregt

Director Head of Legal Affairs (JZ)

Daniel Mandel

Wanda Smit

Academic Affairs



Karin Horsman

Anouk Allart




Marianne van Velthuijsen

Head of Audit and Internal Control (AIC)

Rob van Amsterdam

Judith de Wilde
(coordinates secretariat and University accommodation)

Head of Financial Economic Affairs (FEZ)

Gertjan Boshuizen

Judith de Wilde

Head of Human Resource Management (HRM)

Annemarie Duijnstee

Daphny Uljé-Kouer

Head of Functionality Management (FB)

Peter Magielse

Daphny Uljé-Kouer

Head of Financial Shared Service Centre (FSSC)

Rob van den Wijngaard


Head of Information Management (IM)

Jan Willem Brock

Marleen Romeijn

Strategic Communication and Marketing (SC&M)



Renée Merkx

José Baggerman
Lilian Mulder
Wendy Persson

Secretariat of the Executive Board

If you have a question for the Executive Board or wish to make an appointment with one of the members, please contact the secretariat of the Executive Board.


Postal address
PO Box 9500
2300 RA Leiden

Visiting address
Rapenburg 70
2312 EZ Leiden
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